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Top Exclusive Small Boutique Hotel with Infinity Pool on the Beach in Samana Dominican Republic.

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  • Best Boutique Hotel Samana Dominican Republic.
  • Small Boutique Hotel on Beach in Samana Dominican Republic.
  • One of the Best Boutique Hotels in Samana Peninsula Dominican Republic.
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Small Boutique Hotel in Samana Dominican Republic : Small Hotel Las Ballenas Escondidas. Discover our unique and charming Boutique Hotel in Samana Peninsula.

Boutique Hotel Las Ballenas Escondidas in Samana : The charming Boutique Hotel in Samana Peninsula.

Only insiders find the path to the door of one of the last island paradise. Embedded in the hillside, surrounded by a park of 8000 m² of lush tropical vegetation, 7 bungalows, 4 bedrooms...... At their feet, a wild and pristine private beach...... the immensity of the deep blue to infinity .... time stops.

In the mating season, breakfast on the terrace face to face with whales who chose to stop for a moment before resuming their long migration...... Sipping a drink in the infinity pool staring at the ocean..... Going down to the beach...... Swimming and sunbathing..... Enjoying delicious dishes prepared by our cook .........

All senses are awakened ...... in touch with the essential.


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